How It Works

Face Surf Sunscreen

Apply sunscreen directly to your face. It’s water-resistant for hours and lab-tested SPF 30+.

After-Surf Moisturizer

Take a small dab in your hands, rub together, and spread on your face. It’ll clean off any grime.

Made for surfers

Products That Last While Surfing — No Matter What

Organic ingredients

100% of Ingredients Are Certified Organic

Safe for reefs

Products That Don't Damage Reefs (Or Coral)

Biodegradable packaging

Packaging That's Better for the Environment


What Do Customers Think?

The sunscreen worked great! It was a cold morning but it still glided on pretty smooth and tint was just right.

Rhea S. (surfer from CA)

We caught a mini swell the past two days and it gave me a chance to try out the screen and oil, really like it a lot! Screen stayed on great for 2+ hour sessions each day. The oil is also awesome, a lot of times after a product like that you can just feel it sitting on your skin forever after but this stuff definitely absorbed in and left my skin feeling great!

Ryan B. (surfer from MA)

Have been in the water a few times since then and am loving this product! The cold waters of the New England are tough on the face but I’m sure this is helping! And most importantly sustainably made and packaged!

Barbara F. (surfer from MA)

I loved the paper packaging and it got here pretty quick. I love the paper tube design to hold both the sunscreen and the moisturizer. It makes it easy to just throw it into my surf backpack and get going.

Antonio P. (surfer from CA)

Smells amazing, stays on - my husband and I both love it! Will be buying more for sure. 

Kathy H. (surfer from CA)
Albedo surf sunscreen

100% Natural Face Surf Sunscreen

Handmade in California with 100% natural ingredients. Lab-tested SPF 30+. Patent-pending enhanced “triple layer” UVA & UVB protection keeps your skin safe in the water for hours.

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Albedo After-Surf Moisturizer

100% Natural After-Surf Daily Moisturizer & Oil Cleanser

Grime, salt, dirt, sand, bacteria... yuck. Healthy skin for surfers doesn't stop at sunscreen. After you're done surfing, clean all the grossness off your face with our moisturizer.

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What Makes Albedo Different?

Albedo started as a personal project to make sunscreen that would stay on while surfing... without hurting our skin or the ocean. With unique triple-layered protection, Albedo blocks more UVA and UVB than other brands. 100% natural, water-resistant, and no harsh chemicals — clean ingredients for better skin.